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Thank you for visiting our, Monitech Co., Ltd. which is a professional Information Technology (IT) company for Welding Monitoring System.

Monitech Co., Ltd., established in 1998 with the name of Monitech Korea, is a leading manufacturer of Welding Monitoring System. As we did our best for marketing and R&D department to be the biggest supplier in the monitoring field, and, finally, Monitech Co., Ltd.'s Welding Monitoring System has been widely used in many welding process fields in the world.

In July, 2005, we changed company name and type of the company from Monitech Korea to Monitech Co., Ltd. and our company became stronger than before. We will do our best to realize new technologies which are quality evaluation of welding, setting for the best welding factors and feedback control of working hours for welding in the future.

We keep in mind that IT technology and ideas of workers in welding field led to all of our success. And, we will be going to forward to complete our dream through endless research and development.
We always welcome to your concerns and complaints.

Thank you.


Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameMonitech
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2005
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main Markets
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentHwang dong-soo
  • Phone+82-51-311-8691
  • FAX+82-51-311-8692
  • Address94, Saebyeok-ro 223beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea
  • Product Category General Industrial Equipment > Welding Equipment

Additional Introduction






Manufacturing /Sales parts

Welding monitoring equipment

Welding Expert ARC : ARC  Weld Checker series
Welding Expert SPOT : SPOT Weld Checker series
Welding Expert DUO : Convertible ARC+SPOT Checker series
Welding Expert INLINE : Network type system for real-time quality management system
Welding Expert HANDY : Portable-convertible Weld Checker/Force meter
Welding Expert MULTI : Multi analysis equipment for welding waveform
Welding Expert WPS : Automatic measurement  for WPS+PQR


Import(Exclusive Agencies)
Welding Expert(Measuring system for a cross section of welding) ; FRANCE
HiFiT (High frequency peening equipment) : GERMANY
EWR ( Shieding gas saving system 50% ) : SWEDEN






Our History

  • APR, 2012Made an agreement for Korea exclusive sales agency of Regular SYSTEMS, Sweden
  • MAR, 2012Made an agreement for Korea exclusive sales agency of PFEIFER, German
  • FEB, 2012Developed a hybrid equipment for SPOT + force meter, DUO + force meter
  • JAN, 2012Developed handy SPOT checker + force meter
  • MAY, 2011Developed real-time NUT Projection quality evaluation algorithm
  • APR, 2011Established an IT convergence Weld Institute(IWI)
  • MAR, 2011Registered a patent for vision tracking system
  • FEB, 2011Developed and Registered a patent for WPS, PQR measuring system
  • JAN, 2011Developed multi-communication type ARC/SPOT/Dual Weld checker
  • MAR, 2009Designated as an Inno-Biz SMB Certified venture company.
  • FEB, 2009Made an agreement for Korea exclusive sales agency of CLARA, France
  • JAN, 2009Developed and launched real-time MIG weld quality monitoring system for muffler manufacturing line
  • JAN, 2008Designated a promising export SMB(Small and Medium Business)
  • JAN, 2007Registered a patent for weld monitoring device
  • JAN, 2005Incorporated Monitech Co., Ltd./ Registered a patent for TIG weld monitoring system
  • FEB, 2000Developed an integrated monitoring system for ARC/SPOT
  • JAN, 2000Registered a patent for resistance welding monitoring system
  • MAR, 1998Established Monitech Korea/ Developed weld waveform monitoring system